How do horse racing odds work?

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The horse racing odds work by assigning a probability to each horse in a given race. This probability is then used to calculate the odds that are offered by the bookmakers. The first step is to assess each horse’s chances of winning the race. This is done by looking at a number of factors, including the horse’s recent form, the going (the surface on which the race will be run), the weight carried by the horse and the distance of the race. Once the chances of each horse have been assessed, the bookmakers will then set the odds. Odds are usually expressed in the form of fractions, for example, 4/1. This means that for every £1 you bet, you would receive £4 in winnings (plus your original stake). If you add up the odds for all of the horses in the race, they will always add up to more than 100%. This is because the bookmakers need to make a profit and they do this by ‘loading’ the odds. For example, if the bookmakers believe that horse A has a 50% chance of winning, they will offer odds of 2/1 (or $3.00 in decimal form). If Horse B has a 25% chance of winning, the bookmakers will offer odds of 4/1 (or $5.00 in decimal form). And if Horse C has a 10% chance of winning, the bookmakers will offer odds of 10/1 (or $11.00 in decimal form). As you can see, the bookmakers are not offering odds that reflect the true chances of each horse winning the race. This is how they make their money. To calculate your potential winnings, you simply need to multiply your stake by the odds that are offered. so, if you bet £5 on a horse at odds of 10/1, you would stand to win £50 (plus your original stake of £5).

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