How do the races work?

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Races in most fantasy video games are very similar to one another in their abilities and statistics. There are, however, some significant differences between the races. The following is a list of the races found in many fantasy video games along with a brief description of their differences. Humans are the most versatile race in most fantasy video games. They have no inherent strengths or weaknesses and are therefore able to excel in any area they choose. This makes them excellent people to create if you are unsure about what role you want to play in the game. Dwarves are a short, stocky race. They are known for their strength and endurance and are often used as fighters or tank-type characters. They usually have high defense stats and are resistant to magic. Elves are a tall, graceful race. They are known for their agility and accuracy and are often used as archers or rogues. They usually have high evasion stats and are resistant to sleep and charm effects. Halflings are a small, nimble race. They are known for their dexterity and stealth. They make excellent thieves and are difficult to hit in combat. They also have the ability to resist fear effects. Gnomes are a small, wiry race. They are known for their intelligence and are often used as wizards or other magical classes. They have a higher chance of successfully casting spells and are resistant to poison. Orcs are a large, brutish race. They are known for their strength and viciousness. They make excellent warriors and are often used as shock troops in battle. They are resistant to pain and have night vision.

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