What are some betfair golf tips?

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SnowboardGurusnow By SnowboardGurusnow 04-10-2023 - 11:10

1. As with any golf tournament, it is always important to do your research on the players before placing your bets. Look at statistics such as recent form, course form and world ranking to get an idea of who might be in contention. 2. The outright winner market is not the only way to profit from golf betting. There are many other markets such as top 10 finish, top European etc which can offer good value. 3. Another way to make money from golf betting is by trading live on the exchanges during the tournament. For example, if a player starts well you can back them at a lower price and then lay them off at a higher price later in the tournament. 4. Try to avoid betting on personal favourites. It is very difficult to be objective when it comes to our own picks and this can lead to bad decisions. 5. golf betting can be very profitable but it is also important to remember that it comes with risks. Always manage your bankroll sensibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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